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Good logistics are vital in any emergency response, and without them the aid and support needed for those affected may suffer. Basic transport maps showing roads, railways, seaports and airports are useful tools to have for almost every responder, but the inclusion of road conditions (surface type, surface condition, width, speed limits, etc), as well as elevation and airport/seaport type, allows logisticians to begin planning how to move aid around the affected area. The inclusion of humanitarian hubs and warehouses means that the supply chain from source to beneficiary can be tracked.

Strategic or operational?


Basemap, baseline or situational?

Baseline and situational.

When might it be produced?

As early as possible, and updated frequently. If the area is prone to rains or snowfall then roads may become unusable, and road status should be updated accordingly.

Intended audience

All agencies involved with the movement of aid or people, including the logistics cluster and national and international military.

Influence on humanitarian decisions

Logistics is one of the key tools in getting aid to the right place and to those who need it most. Understanding road conditions (road surface, width, weight and height restrictions), as well as the locations of runways and helicopter landing zones and ports are all vital for logisticians planning the movement of aid. With the addition of settlements and camps, planners can identify the location of distribution hubs and warehouses. All of these help logisticians understand and create distribution chains.

For national-scale planning the mapping of key road networks, airports, ports, warehouses and distribution points can be more generalised, but for detailed movement plans it will be necessary to include more detail, including conditions and distances between locations.

Logistics Cluster Geonode - includes airports, border crossings, bridges,roads, rail and seaports.
Natural Earth Data - basic transport infrastructure at a global level.
OpenStreetMap - General transport infrastructure at a global scale and increasingly good detail at a local scale. Data is continuously updated.
Our Airports
World Aeronautical Database
global Roads Open Access Data Set (gROADS)
NGA World Port Index

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