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Folder structures


A well-organised folder or set of folders allows people to find information quickly and efficiently. This should be done from the start of a response and maintained throughout. The following the describes the MapAction folder structure:

  • YYYY-MM-DD Country
    • GIS
      • GIS Tasking
      • Original data
      • Active data
      • Mapping
      • Field Transfer
    • Operations

This folder contains all the data, templates and outputs used in the GIS workflows. Within this folder there are the following subfolders:

  • GIS tasking - this folder contains the map request sheet, data naming convention details, and a quick metadata template.
  • Original data - this folder contains data found before the deployment begins/began. A folder is created for each new data source found, e.g. 101_Bartholemews.
  • Active data - this folder contains the operational datasets. This data has been assessed and thought fit for purpose. The data has been processed and renamed according to the data naming convention. It is sorted by datacategory. For example, a transport dataset may have been split into roads, railways and airports. These would sit as separate shapefiles under the 223_tran folder. All maps will source this folder first for data to be included on the map or other product. The folders have a three digit prefix and then a four character type descriptor. The data is named according to the MapAction data naming convention.
  • Mapping - this folder contains all maps, whether received from third party resources or created by MapAction. Project files are also stored here. ArcMap MXDs are stored in the 33_MXD_Maps folder, whilst any Google Earth KML created is stored in the 36_KML_Products folder. This folder also stores mapping products (.pdf, .jpg) and templates (.ppt, .mxd).
  • Field transfer - contains data transferred between the different locations once a deployment has begun. It allows segregation of original data and data which has been subsequently updated and pushed to the field location.

This administration folder contains all documents and information required to support a response, including contact details, meeting schedules, photographs and reports.

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