Data sources and resources quick reference

The following page lists some of the data sources may be available during a response. An internet search will often reveal many more data sources. It is important to look for local sources particularly those of the national government, such as the National Statistics Office and government departments (e.g. health, education, etc.) as these should provide the most current data.

General resources

Below are links to some resources that can be used for initial mapping and for situational data from humanitarian portals.

Initial mapping resources
Natural Earth Data
GIS Data Repositories
Humanitarian portals
Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX)
Humanitarian ID
Humanitarian Response
Global Disaster Alert and Coordination Systems

Core products

Vulnerabilities and access specific

Hazard specific

Other products

Satellite resources

GIS resources

MapAction maps and data repository

Search and download real world examples of maps and data created by MapAction.


Maps and data