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Key to understanding the movement of both people and aid, transport maps are vital for responders in logistical roles. Knowing the location of airports and seaports is important as these will often act as distribution hubs, as well as receiving and storing aid. Roads will often be damaged during a disaster, so knowing what the conditions are like, combined with understanding the road network, helps to identify the accessibility of a settlement or location. Transport maps can help to understand disease transmission and/or the movement of people.
Strategic or operational?

Strategic and operational.

Basemap, baseline or situational?


When might it be produced?

These transport maps can form the basis of many logistics maps, and so should be produced and distributed as early as possible.

Intended audience

Everyone, however anyone involved with logistics or assessments will be particularly interested.

Influence on humanitarian decisions

Knowing how to get to locations is vital in needs assessments and the distribution of aid, therefore knowing the location of transport links is important. In scenarios that involve the migration of people, knowing the locations of these arteries helps to show where people might move to and from.

Maps being provided for logisticians should include road conditions such as surface type and width. Weight limits and widths of bridges are also important, as this determines the type of vehicles that can be used.

Logistics Cluster Geonode - iincludes airports, border crossings, bridges, roads, rail and seaports.
Natural Earth Data - basic transport infrastructure at a global level.
OpenStreetMap - general transport infrastructure at a global scale, and increasingly good detail at a local scale. Data is continuously updated.
Our Airports
World Aeronautical Database
global Roads Open Access Data Set (gROADS)
NGA World Port Index

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