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These products show basic structures and organisational facilities within a country or affected area. Transport networks are key to represent, but also other facilities such as education, hospitals, fire stations, police, power structures, banks, etc. Many infrastructure products will become basemap or baseline products that can be used for assessments on which situational data will be overlayed.
Strategic or operational?

Normally operational as it provides information about the coordination centres responsible for every area.

Basemap, baseline or situational?

Basemap, baseline and situational.

When might it be produced?

If preparedness work has been done then the basemap and baseline products may already exist, although there may be some initial updating to be done. During the early stages of the emergency damage assessments will be carried out, and the status of infrastructure will be reported and may be updated frequently.

Intended audience

During any rescue phase, search and rescue workers. Emergency medical teams will be working with the national government to understand the capacity of hospitals, etc, so that they can be supported from the emergency phase onwards. Responders will be interested in their specialist vulnerability, e.g. those looking at education will be interested in the status and conditions of schools; logisticians in the capacity of roads, airports and seaports; and emergency telecommunications specialists in power supplies, or radio and mobile phone masts.

Influence on humanitarian decisions

Damaged infrastructure has an effect on the population hit by the emergency, and will inhibit any response. Having an understanding of the status and capacity of buildings is important for any responder to provide the best support that they can give.

For pilots, understanding the topography is important as it may determine where they can fly, the route that they take and how they can take-off or land. They are particularly interested in the maximum height of major obstacles in the area, and peaks and valleys that can have an effect on weather conditions.

Products showing specific infrastructure themes will be important to those looking at specific vulnerabilities, and so it is important that there are individual products. Things should not however be looked at in isolation, and having some generalised products showing key infrastructure such as the main hospitals, government buildings and schools can be useful for everyone.

  • Buildings including hospitals, schools, government buildings, areas of industry, power, etc.
  • Transport networks - roads, rail, airports, seaports.
  • Baseline population.

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